Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy First Birthday Hazel! January 28, 2012

Can you believe it!?  The last year just flew by... When I go back and look at photos and videos from the first month it is amazing how much little you has changed in 12 short months.

Your Birthday Spread... We made you a sugar-free cake! 

 Not sure why, but your Dad thought it would be fun to tie a balloon to your binky.

 Ellie Belly had fun too!

Week Fifty-Two

We started your birthday week with a trip to IHOP and Fairytale Town!

Your first time coloring!  You did a pretty good job with the crayons! 

Heading into the park... last chance to relax in your stroller! 

Having fun on the slide... 

You are the King of Fairytale Town! 

Peeking at me through a hole in the Cheese Stands Alone.

Week Fifty-One

We are preparing for your first birthday and in taking a look back at the last year we have established...

... that you like Spaghetti. 

...that your Dad loves to play with you and the boys. 

... that you are destined to be a Rock Goddess. 

... that you have an infectious laugh. 

... and that you find creative ways to play with your toys (and toy box)!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week Fifty

Hey Silly Girl, where is your favorite toy?

Your best babbles...

You and Emmett are at it again.  This time you are teaching him to clap!!

Week Fourty-Nine

Two extremely huge events this week, with extremeley different sets of importance and emotions... the most meaningful of events was that your Uncle Dave received the Purple Heart.  Of course, receiving the Purple Heart is not something to celebrate, but it is a representation of all that he is willing to sacrifice to keep our country safe... when you are older we can talk about this more... or better yet you can talk to your Uncle Dave!

Video your Auntie Courtney took of Uncle Dave receiving his Purple Heart.

Switching gears, we cannot forget that our beloved Ducks won the Rose Bowl this week!  You and Ellie helped in the cheering section and you are our little good luck charms!  We Love our Ducks!